The best of Simon & Kirby

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    The Best of Simon and Kirby is a full-color hardcover volume featuring some of the greatest stories ever told in the graphic medium, painstakingly restored by Simon and Kirby historian Harry Mendryk. Simon himself has overseen the process, and offers original insights and secrets from behind the scenes. • With introductory material and story selections from Joe Simon himself. • Includes some of the most famous S&K creations, including Captain America, Fighting American, The Fly, Boy's Ranch, Bullseye, and Stuntman. • With illustrated essays by Mark Evanier, author of Kirby: King of Comics.

    "I canít recommend this book highly enough. THE BEST OF SIMON AND KIRBY now has a place on the shelf marked "American comics greats" Ainít It Cool News "The Best of Simon and Kirby, a gloriously oversize tome. A" Entertainment Weekly "Dazzling from beginning to end, The Best of Simon and Kirby is a monumental piece of comicsí history. Essential." Library Journal "An essential addition to the library of popular American literature." Miami Herald "[The Best of Simon and Kirby] is rich, dense, beautiful, and brings out the history and the process perfectly" Ė Rich Johnston, Comic Book Resources